The 1% Journal for Leaders

366 Challenges to Lead for Impact

Do you need a blueprint to help you get results which make an impact?

The 1% Journal for Leaders will help you master the fundamentals you need to make an impact on those you lead!

Results. Accountability.

These might be two of the words which dominate our thinking about how to succeed in our leadership role. A leader helps people move in a positive direction and get things done.

In today’s world of technology and metrics, the tools to measure productivity and to hold people accountable are endless. It makes it very easy to see whether or not our group, team, or organization is successful.

Until we realize the very things we are measuring may not be the most important things to determine success.

We all have a desire deep within us to be successful and make a difference in the lives of others with our leadership. But we often look in the wrong place to fulfill that desire and chase misguided goals.

The 1% Journal for Leaders takes us on a daily journey to create a better version of ourselves. Continuous improvement allows us to maximize our gifts and abilities and strengthen our relationships and connections with those we lead. Ultimately, this allows us to move beyond just influence and inspiration in our leadership to creating a positive impact.

As leaders, we experience success when we write our own story from the inside-out and change other people’s lives for the better.


every story has a HERO

every hero goes on a JOURNEY

every journey is an opportunity to make an IMPACT


As the hero of our story, we do not want to simply pass through the stages of our journey reacting to the circumstances of the world around us. We need fundamentals we can employ to help ensure we experience success and we use our experience to make an impact on others.

Our impact comes from executing FUNDAMENTALS.

These 12 Fundamentals of Impact work in pairs through an INSIDE-OUT process.

Inside fundamentals help us employ MINDSETS of impact.

Outside fundamentals guide us to take ACTIONS which make a positive impact.

These 12 Fundamentals of IMPACT are:
Have a Vision
Pursue Our Dreams
Seek Excellence
Grow Character Skills
Rise Above
Overcome Obstacles
Be a Lighthouse
Lead by Serving
Know Our Integrity
Live by Principles
Seek Peace and Fulfillment
Enjoy the Journey

Each one of the 366 challenges in this journal aims to help us develop one of the fundamentals we need for our JOURNEY.

Ultimately, our journey always provides us opportunities to create a better version of ourselves so we can give our gifts and abilities away to others and make a difference in the world.

Your journey of leadership success awaits…