The 1% Journal for Teachers

366 Challenges to Teach for Impact

Are you a teacher who wants to reignite your passion for making a difference with your students?

The 1% Journal for Teachers provides a blueprint to help teachers increase their impact by discovering meaning and purpose in their work.

Perhaps you are overwhelmed with added responsibilities and duties while feeling unappreciated for your hard work and commitment. Maybe you are even wondering if teaching is the right career for you. 

But deep down you know it would all be worth it if you could find some meaning and purpose in your sacrifice.

In 2016, I considered leaving the field of education. I thought…

“There are places I can work where my life will be easier.”

“I can work fewer hours with less stress and make more money.”

“I will be appreciated more for what I have to offer.”

Then I ran into one of my former students who I didn’t recognize at first. He apologized for being a jerk as a high school student almost a decade before. And he thanked me for treating him with respect, even though he didn’t deserve it. 

Afterwards, I did some soul searching and discovered I needed to make some changes. 

I needed to stop focusing on what I should be getting and focus on what I could give. 

I needed to stop focusing on how things should be easier and embrace the struggle. 

I needed to stop focusing on the problems of the system and change the system by becoming the hero of the story I was writing.


every story has a HERO

every hero goes on a JOURNEY

every journey is an opportunity to make an IMPACT


The 1% Journal for Teachers will help you…

  1. Clarify the vision of the person you want to be.
  2. Take action to pursue the dreams which inspired you to become a teacher.
  3. Seek excellence as you strive for your full potential as an educator.
  4. Grow the character skills necessary to handle the adversity you face every day in your classroom.
  5. Rise above the suffering in your personal and professional life.
  6. Overcome the obstacles which make you want to give up.
  7. Be a lighthouse who lets your light shine to illuminate a path for others.
  8. Lead your students by serving them even when they don’t see the big picture.
  9. Know the principles and values of your heart so you can be a leader of integrity.
  10. Live by those principles even when it is hard and there doesn’t seem to be a reward for doing what’s right.
  11. Seek fulfillment by focusing on what matters most in the long-term.
  12. Enjoy the journey by cherishing the moments and relationships with the young people you work with.

You can stop letting other people and your circumstances influence your narrative and start writing your own story from the inside-out!

Let The 1% Journal for Teachers help you discover meaning and purpose in your work so you can teach with passion and continue doing the most important job in the world…

Creating a positive impact in the lives of young people so they can use their gifts to make a difference in the world!